Blood Money: Exposing The Evil That Is The Abortion Industry

In 1984, the documentary The Silent Scream opened the eyes of many to the absolute horror of abortion. 26 years later, the documentary Blood Money now strives to help hammer the final nail into the coffin of the state-sanctioned killing of our unborn children. This documentary uncovers the pro-abortion industry for what it is: a killing machine for profit, based on an agenda filled with outright lies and an utter lack of humanity.  Finally, the voices of those lost lives, who have died at the hands of an industry devoted solely to killing, can be heard. Blood Money also exposes something frequently overlooked; the harm that abortion does to women. Often, there are two lives lost in an abortion. The life of the unborn baby is literally, and unmercilessly, snuffed out. The woman’s life is often figuratively lost; her life from then on is one full of guilt, regret and deep pain.


Narrated by Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, this film exposes the truth behind an industry that has harmed untold numbers of people and taken the lives of 50 million innocent children. In the film Dr. King speaks not only from the perspective of a post abortive woman, but as a civil rights leader about the injustice of abortion.

“Bloodmoney brings startling revelation to the forefront of the pro-life battle and exposes the true agenda behind the abortion industry. This film is truly part of the plan to set the captives free,” – Dr. Alveda King, director of African American Outreach, Priests for Life.

For too long, the pro-abortion regime has been able to use strawmen arguments, lies and fear tactics. No more. With medical advancements and with more and more people once enshrined in the pro-abortion industry speaking out, the truth is coming forth. The truth will set us free. And will save the lives of countless babies and the women who bear them. The mantra of safe, legal and rare is now known for the lie it has always been. Firstly, safe? There is not one whit of concern for safety. This has been proven time and time again, most recently by the outrageous outrage over the Attorney General of Virginia fighting for at least some safety regulations for abortion clinics. Why the outrage? Because some would have to close. It dips too far into their profits to actually, you know, meet the same safety standards that are afforded animals at a veterinary clinic. It’s just women and their “punishing” babies, right? No big whoop.


Hey, it’s easier for their blood money to stain their hands when they don’t have to worry about lives at all; neither the woman’s life nor the baby’s. They mean so little to them, that it’s standard operating procedure to toss unborn babies, nearly full-term, into a freezer:

BALTIMORE — Maryland health officials have ordered two doctors, one of whom is licensed and has several offices in New Jersey, to stop performing abortions after a woman was critically injured during a procedure last month.

The Maryland Board of Physicians ordered Dr. Steven Brigham to stop practicing medicine without a license in Maryland and suspended the license of Dr. Nicola Riley. Police raided one of Brigham’s offices in Elkton looking for medical records, and found dozens of late-term fetuses in a freezer at a clinic.

Safe. Meaning, of course, not safe at all. What about that whole rare deal? That has also been proven time and time again to be a lie. In fact, the pro-abortion regime actively promulgates blatant fallacies in order to ensure that abortion is not rare at all. They deny the very existence of post-abortion syndrome, thereby further harming women simply in order to further their own agenda. They promote abortions of convenience, under the guise of empowerment. You see, it’s supposed to be “empowering” to have the legal ability to kill your own child.


The lies have grown more and more heinous, as medical advancements have improved and as more and more people are identifying as pro-life. Desperate to keep their industry of death alive, they even attempt to lie about the babies themselves. The Rosa Acuna Project has uncovered numerous instances where women are blatantly lied to by alleged doctors. These “doctors”, caught on video, falsely telling  women that “it’s not a baby.”  One such instance, exposed by The Rosa Acuna Project;  a video showing a counselor, with corroboration by a Doctor, telling a woman that the baby growing inside her womb isn’t really a baby:

“That is not a baby.” Dr. Polhaska, the abortion doctor, insists, “It’s not a baby at this stage or anything like that.” Polhaska also states that having an abortion will be “much safer than having a baby,” warning, “You know, women die having babies.”

To those who express qualms over obtaining a standard medical abortion, they now offer false promises in the form of the RU-486 pill. As always, not caring about the life they are snuffing out, nor the woman who will suffer from the same, they fill them with propoganda and send them on their way with a pill. This is what happens, as chronicled by a feminist who was given the RU-486 pill. She was indoctrinated for years by the feminist agenda, wherein one is taught that a baby is a detriment to any success and happiness that one may achieve. Career comes first, life be damned. These excerpts are hard to read, but information is power. And abortion is barbaric:


I didn’t realize the horrible truth of that statement until I lay awake at night in fits of unbearable pain, bleeding through sanitary napkins by the hour. When I was in the bathroom one night, clumps of bloody tissue and embryonic remains fell into the toilet. I was overcome with tremors, my body shaking with a burst of heat resembling fever. My cheeks flushed as sweat bled into my hairline. Dragging my feet on the cold alabaster floor, I went back to bed and hid under the covers. Eyes open and bloodshot, knees to my chest, I felt tears sting my swollen cheeks. After hours of pure exhaustion, I finally fell asleep.

Returning to the clinic several days later for a scheduled follow-up, I learned that the gestational sac was still intact. I was given another dose of Mifeprex and Misoprostol. That night, I stared in horror as a clump of tissue the size of a baseball escaped from my body. I held this bloody mass in my hand, feeling the watery red liquid drip from my fingers. The tissue was soft and pliable. Poking at the flesh, I imagined the life that it embodied. The sac looked like a bleeding pig’s heart. For several months after, I was unable to look at blood without vomiting. (p.46)

It didn’t end there. Like many women who are used by the abortion industry and then tossed to the side, her trauma continued. And I believe it will haunt her for the rest of her life:


Even for those who can afford to get an abortion, in my experience there has been a serious lack of education about procedures and proper emotional and physical aftercare. While some women have had positive experiences with RU-486, mine was not one of them. Almost a year after the abortion, the pain still visited me from time to time. For so long, I tried to deny that I had undergone a traumatic experience, and I entered a period of self-punishment. I pretended to be recovered, but the pain pushed itself outward. Regret and guilt caused severe anxiety attacks that left me breathless, convulsing, and faint. (p.51).

Safe and rare? Not so much. It is well past time for the full truth to be told. It is well past time for us to end the sanctioning of the killing of our unborn – 50 million lives have already been lost. Countless women have been harmed and used by an industry that profits off of their pain.

Blood Money is one step towards finally washing the blood off of our collective national hands.


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