Palin Media Bias Rears Its Head In Hilarious Wishful Thinking

Earlier this week, the media once again displayed why no one can take them seriously. The Fourth Estate is totally insolvent and is declaring bankruptcy, morally and otherwise. In this recent instance, having to do with Tuesday night’s Republican primary in Alaska, it was at least quite hilarious.


You see, Sarah Palin had endorsed Joe Miller over the incumbent alleged Republican Senator, Lisa Murkowski. As Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller lays out, and as Ace of Spades also noted, the media was so hell-bent on a way to discredit Sarah Palin that they indulged in the child-like behavior of squinting your eyes closed to reality and wishing really, really hard that fantasy comes true. First up was Alex Gutierrez at Slate, who was clearly desperately hoping for a way to spin Palin as politically detrimental:

From Alexandra Gutierrez at Slate, posted on August 23 at 5:54 PM:

On Tuesday, in her home state, Sarah Palin’s favorite will probably get trounced. Joe Miller is widely expected to lose by a large margin to incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary—an embarrassing defeat for the former governor, who has endorsed Miller, but also to Miller’s other major backer, the Tea Party Express.

Yeah, it’s embarrassing alright. Embarrassing for you, Gutierrez.  I suggest that you look in the mirror if you want to see embarrassing defeats. How does that crow taste, by the way? I hope Gutierrez at least shared the crow with her boyfriend, Dave Weigel, who defended her in his column without disclosing their relationship status, in true Weigel form. He has updated his column to make the disclosure now, only after being shamed (surprisingly) into it by The Daily Caller piece. His girlfriend has now attempted to cover up her bias as well, and has removed “Grizzly woman not mama grizzly” from her twitter bio.


Too little, too late. They cannot cover up the obvious fact that the media inevitably tries to pin any defeat at all on Sarah Palin and, in this case, they went so far as to wish for said defeat solely in order to do so. But any wins? Oh, no. That’s not due to silly, old Sarah Palin. That’s due to anger. Remember, we wing-nuts are super angry and violence fomenting. Or something. I can’t keep all the accusations straight, particularly when it is the Left committing the only acts of political violence. From MSNBC First Reads:

First thoughts: Anger trumps accomplishments

Stunning development: Murkowski trails Miller by 1,960 votes in AK GOP Senate primary… We might not know the final result for days… How to explain why McCain easily won in AZ but Murkowski is in trouble: Anger is trumping accomplishments… That’s a lesson vulnerable Democrats might want to learn… If Miller wins, he’d be the fifth Tea Party insurgent to win a GOP Senate primary… Palin-ism bests Stevens-ism?… In FL, it’s Sink vs. Scott for governor, and Crist vs. Meek vs. Rubio for the Senate… How the Conventional Wisdom has been wrong in the Sunshine State…. And profiling NM-2.

It’s funny how we were told that then candidate Obama’s mere running of a campaign was experience enough to be President of the United States, but any new face in the GOP lacks accomplishments and only some insane form of frothing at the mouth anger propels them to victory. I’ll spell it out in simple terms for you, leftist media: Miller won because Murkowski is a horrible Senator. His campaign was thankfully boosted by Sarah Palin, whom many people respect and admire. Those who do are not drooling rubes, unable to read, blinded by wing-nutty wing-nuttiness.  No, they are people who are well cognizant of political issues, no matter how much you desperately and childishly stick your fingers in your ears to try to deny that. They are people who are tired of electing representatives who do not reflect their beliefs nor their policy choices. They are people who want the best for this country, out of love, not out of spiteful anger nor hatred. They are people like me and my neighbors.


And we vote. I suggest that you get used to eating that crow. Because, we’ll see you in November.


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