SC's Governor and VA's Attorney General: For The Children

This past week, Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and Republican Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli displayed how the GOP is the party who is actually For The Children, and not just in the talking points way. First up was Governor Mark Sanford, who signed bill H 3245 into law. The law now requires that women have a 24 hour waiting period before obtaining an abortion. Prior to this law, there was only a one hour waiting period. It also requires that abortionists offer women the ability to see their unborn child on an ultrasound before aborting the baby, but does not require that they view the ultrasound. They must merely be given the choice. Choice is important, right? Next, came Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, who concluded last week that state agencies in Virginia can legally regulate abortion clinics as medical establishments.


This should just be common sense and shouldn’t raise the ire of even the most vociferously pro-abortion, right? I mean, it does not make abortion illegal, but it does make it safer – and hopefully rarer. Safe, legal and rare is the mantra, no? Apparently, by safe, legal and rare, pro-abortionists really only mean one out of the three. They actually want it to be unsafe, legal, and not rare at all. As is indicated by their fierce opposition to such simple, decent and potentially life-saving measures.

Governor Sanford had this to say when he signed the new South Carolina law:

“I believe life is sacred, and in the debate over when life begins, I think we as a society should always err on the side of life,” Gov. Sanford said. “Given current federal law, I think it’s imperative that a decision of this magnitude only be made with the fullest and most accurate knowledge available. It’s our hope and expectation that this new law results in a substantial decrease in the number of abortions carried out in South Carolina.

How draconian, huh? I thought knowledge was power? Not so for pro-abortionists. They are infuriated over a mere 24 hour waiting period. In most states, the waiting period to simply obtain a marriage license is longer than that. Ideally, a marriage lasts a lifetime, but an abortion always does – there is no going back. Once a life is taken, it is gone. Forever. Is it too much to ensure that a woman take ONE DAY to contemplate it? A woman who may be scared and make a rash decision due to said fear – a decision that not only takes a life, but will haunt her for the rest of hers. Taking just those 24 hours of contemplation may save both those lives.


In Virginia’s case, it is clearly a measure of safety. Abortion clinics, often functioning as mills, are not regulated in Virginia as medical establishments. As such, they have no standards of safety to meet.  Says a spokesman for AG Cuccinelli:

“The state has long regulated outpatient surgical facilities and personnel to ensure a certain level of protection for patients. There is no reason to hold facilities providing abortion services to any lesser standard for their patients,” said Brian J. Gottstein, a spokesman for Mr. Cuccinelli.

“Even pharmacies, funeral homes and veterinary clinics are regulated by the state,” he said.

Right. How is it safe – at all – to have no standards for abortion clinics? According to NARAL, safety is no big whoop. What concerns them is that some clinics may not meet those standards and will have to close.

Abortion-rights advocates said they are not surprised by Cuccinelli’s decision and predicted that if the Board of Health acts on his opinion, the regulations could prompt the shutdown of 17 of the state’s 21 clinics performing abortions.

“We’ve been waiting for the attorney general to take on abortion providers, and it looks like this is his first pitch,” said Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. “These so-called regulations are only an attempt to shut down abortion clinics in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”


Good. That should help with both the whole safe and rare idea. Plus, maybe it’s just me, but even if you are pro-abortion wouldn’t you think that if a facility can’t meet minimal safety standards, then they should be forced to close? Excuse me, what am I thinking. That requires common sense, decency and actual concern for women, which is utterly lacking in the pro-abortion agenda. Susan B. Anthony List’s President Marjorie Dannenfelser’s debate with NARAL’s Tarina Keene about AG Cuccinelli’s decision proves it:

By the way, the Democrat nominee for Governor in South Carolina, Sheheen, declined to answer any questions about South Carolina’s new law. Again – there is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat.

Polling indicates that more and more Americans are identifying as Pro-Life and that changing hearts and minds is working. Now, so is changing laws.

May it continue.

For the children.



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