JournoList ‘Sick Puppies’ Planned Attacks on Sarah Palin

The most insidious form of media bias is deciding what to cover and, more importantly, what not to cover.  The revelations uncovered by The Daily Caller in regard to Journolist have been damning on that front. The latest involve Sarah Palin and while anyone with a speck of honesty already realized that the media has been out to marginalize her from the very beginning, Journolist members took it to an even more egregious level. I know. I didn’t think that was possible either, but apparently it is.


While it is obviously not unheard of for colleagues to discuss stories of the day, that wasn’t the case here. This was a group of reputed (or refudiated!) journalists colluding with openly leftist opinionators to not report the news, but to shape it. As evidenced in these postings to JournoList:

Chris Hayes of the Nation wrote in with words of encouragement, and to ask for more talking points. “Keep the ideas coming! Have to go on TV to talk about this in a few min and need all the help I can get,” Hayes wrote.

Time’s Joe Klein then linked to his own piece, parts of which he acknowledged came from strategy sessions on Journolist. “Here’s my attempt to incorporate the accumulated wisdom of this august list-serve community,” he wrote. And indeed Klein’s article contained arguments developed by his fellow Journolisters

Worse, the goal of the framing of the narrative was to marginalize and diminish a woman by using her womanhood itself against her for political means. In fact, one member, Daniel Levy of the Century Foundation, referred to the list as Obama’s “non-official campaign” and admitted he believed it was their job to discredit Palin:

This seems to me like an occasion when the non-official campaign has a big role to play in defining Palin, shaping the terms of the conversation and saying things that the official [Obama] campaign shouldn’t say – very hard-hitting stuff, including some of the things that people have been noting here – scare people about having this woefully inexperienced, no foreign policy/national security/right-wing christia wing-nut a heartbeat away ……


That wasn’t even the worst of it.

What followed was a clear attempt to, once again, Use the Women ™ under the guise of being For The Women ™ by playing up the perpetual victim-hood sexist trump card as a way to dehumanize and demean Sarah Palin and her accomplishments. How did they attempt to do this?  An idea first proffered by Suzanne Nossell, ironically of Human Rights Watch. It was then enthusiastically agreed to by more on the list, showing a classic case of femisogyny from the Left:

“I think it is and can be spun as a profoundly sexist pick.  Women should feel umbrage at the idea that their votes can be attracted just by putting a woman, any woman, on the ticket no matter her qualifications or views.”

Mother Jones’s Stein loved the idea. “That’s excellent! If enough people – people on this list? – write that the pick is sexist, you’ll have the networks debating it for days. And that negates the SINGLE thing Palin brings to the ticket,” he wrote.

Another writer from Mother Jones, Nick Baumann, had this idea: “Say it with me: ‘Classic GOP Tokenism’.”

The single thing she brings to the ticket — her fancy womb. Once again, liberal femisogynists reducing a woman to the sum of her girly parts only. All while hilariously claiming that they believe women should feel umbrage that their vote should be attracted merely by dint of a fellow woman on the ticket. Hello? That is their entire modus operandi! Even down to the Supreme Court. Aren’t we always supposed to be thrilled when, say, a woman is nominated for the Supreme Court merely because she’s a woman?


This is how they ultimately will end up failing; their hypocrisy knows no bounds and is now incredibly transparent. The depth of their insane hatred for Sarah Palin has done more to expose their femisogyny than anything in my lifetime.

Sarah Palin, with customary courage and straight-talk openness, spoke out about the media to the Daily Caller:

“With the shackles off, I relish my freedom to call it like I see it, while starving the media beast that was devouring the false reports about me, my staff and my loved ones,” she said….

“…The lamestream media is no longer a cornerstone of democracy in America. They need help. They need to regain their credibility and some respect. There are some pretty sick puppies in the industry today. They really need help,” Palin said.

Sick puppies, indeed, as further evidenced by an earlier revelation regarding the more than disturbing desire of a JournoList member to watch Rush Limbaugh die in agony, while she “laughed loudly like a maniac.” What’s more, the list, comprised of mainly white males near as I can tell, indulged in the systematic patriarchal oppression (that’s right, faux feminists, I’m using your own term against you. Because you lie) of a woman merely because she didn’t suit their political agenda. An agenda that they used their positions as alleged journalists to further.

While they may have succeeded in aiding Barack Obama to win the election, ultimately they will fail. In part, we can thank Sarah Palin for that. The woman they tried to destroy has actually hoisted them on their own petard, by exposing them for what they are – not journalists, but corrupt ideologues who will stop at nothing, not even personal destruction, to further an agenda.


I, for one, thank her immensely.


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