RedState Weekly Briefing: 9th Circuit Gets It Right While Joe Biden Continues to Get It So, So Wrong

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Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee (or a frosty cold beer — we're rolling into summer, after all), and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication! 


#1 - ANALYSIS: What 9th Circuit Ruling Reinstating Challenge to LAUSD's Employee Vaccine Mandate Means — by Jennifer Van Laar

Leslie Manookian of Health Defense Freedom Fund, one of the plaintiffs in the case, noted in a 2023 opinion piece that there's an unresolved conflict between Jacobson and another precedential SCOTUS case, Cruzan vs. Director, which held that medical treatments may be refused even if they might save a recipient’s life. And, she states, in Jacobson "the court decided that vaccines could be mandated in clearly defined and limited situations, such as a deadly smallpox outbreak. But COVID is not smallpox. What’s more, Jacobson allowed those who declined the vaccine to pay a fine — Jacobson did not allow the state to force a vaccine on unwilling recipients on pain of losing their livelihoods."

Public health officials, including former CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, have admitted for years (even before LAUSD's resurrected mandate on August 13, 2021) that the COVID-19 mRNA shot does not prevent transmission of the virus and was ineffective against the Delta variant.

#2 - Biden's New Origin Story Gets Even Wilder at State Dinner, While Jill's Dress Is Just Awful — by Nick Arama 

I might believe he's old enough to be a "son of the American Revolution." But of course, there's no support for what he's saying. That doesn't prevent him from saying it, and adding it to all the other stories he tells about how he is related to everybody and everything. 

And it's funny that, suddenly, he's "French," but then he doesn't know that his name in French is pronounced similarly to how it's pronounced in English -- Robinette, with the "t" sound being pronounced, like "baguette."  It's not pronounced in French the way he pronounces it. 

But he's Joe, wrong again.


#3 - WHCA Throws Biden Under the Bus After He Snaps at Reporter, Claims He Has 'Deals' With the Press — by Nick Arama 

They appear to be throwing Biden under the bus by saying there are no "deals." So in order to save face, they're saying what Biden is telling us is not true. Oh, ok, so one more reason not to vote for him. 

On the other hand, if we believe Biden that there are deals, that's also problematic that such a thing is going on and Biden needs/wants such an accommodation. So either way, another reason not to vote for him. Yes, there are some times he might not have information but if he can't answer questions on the fly, that's a big problem. 

I also can't help but read the statement with a fine-tooth comb and note that while it says that the journalists "decide what to ask," it doesn't say the questions aren't given to Biden or his team in advance. Although they do dispute any deals about the number of questions.

#4 - Hilarious and Scary Scenes Unfold As Biden 'Attends' White House 'Juneteenth' Event — by Bonchie

Again, it's the eyes. You don't have to even listen to what he says because you can just look at him and tell him no one is home. He's a cadaver hopped up on stimulants, reading a teleprompter and managing to fail at that as well. 

His handlers seemed to be aware of how short of a window they had because this speech was kept short. Minutes after it began, Biden shuffled off the stage, first having to be corrected for walking in the wrong direction before presumably heading to bed.


#5 - Fear Sets in for Joe Biden's Handlers As They Realize Their Gaslighting Isn't Working — by Bonchie

It's not unclear whether the pain point of higher prices can be fixed before the election or not. The answer is that it can't be. There's just not enough time at this point. You would need inflation to drop another percent and a half just to meet the two percent goal of the Federal Reserve. That's not happening in six months, and even then, the huge price increases of the last three years will remain baked into the cake. 

SEE: Fed Chief Says Inflation 'Higher Than I Think Anybody Expected,' No Rate Cut

Does that mean the election is over? No, I wouldn't be so arrogant as to proclaim that. Voters are a fickle lot, and while there's no time for significant economic changes before the election, there's plenty of time for other possible game-changers to land.



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