(Updated) Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg Agrees to 30-Day Delay of 'Hush Money' Trial

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Update - 3:40 pm Eastern - More information is now available as to the rationale for Bragg's office agreeing to the delay:

"Specifically, yesterday the USAO produced approximately 31,000 pages of additional records and represented that there will be another production of documents by next week," the district attorney's office said in a motion to the court requesting the delay.

"Based on our initial review of yesterday's production, those records appear to contain materials related to the subject matter of this case, including materials that the People requested from the USAO more than a year ago and that the USAO previously declined to provide," the motion said.

"The People do not oppose a brief adjournment of up to 30 days to permit sufficient time for defendant to review the USAO productions," the DA's office wrote.


But, Bragg's office also pointed the finger at the defense for necessitating the delay:

"We note that the timing of the current production of additional materials from the USAO is a function of defendant's own delay," the DA's office said. "[D]efendant waited until January 18, 2024 to subpoena additional materials from the USAO and then consented to repeated extensions of the deadline for the USAO's determination."

Original Story

While former President Donald Trump's legal team has been seeking a delay of the trial in the so-called "hush money" case in light of the Supreme Court's taking up of the presidential immunity issue, now it's Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office requesting that the March 25, 2024 trial date be pushed back. 

The Manhattan district attorney’s office asked on Thursday for a delay to the start of the trial in the hush money case against Donald Trump, citing newly disclosed evidence from the US attorney’s office in Manhattan.

As noted, earlier in the week, it was Trump's team that was requesting a delay of the case. 

Currently, jury selection is set to start in the case on March 25. Trump's team isn't contending that the case should be dismissed on the basis of presidential immunity but rather that, depending on how the Supreme Court rules on the issue, evidence of certain official acts taken by Trump may need to be excluded. The argument is that the Manhattan court should wait to begin the trial until after the Supreme Court issues its ruling so that the proper evidentiary determinations can be made. 

In court documents filed Monday, Trump’s lawyers said prosecutors have suggested they will introduce at trial “several types of evidence that implicate the concept of official acts for purposes of presidential immunity.”


Although he is not arguing presidential immunity requires his hush money charges be tossed, Trump is asserting that prosecutors should be limited from introducing certain evidence at the trial because they implicate official acts during his time in the White House.

“Therefore, President Trump respectfully submits that an adjournment of the trial is appropriate to await further guidance from the Supreme Court, which should facilitate the appropriate application of the presidential immunity doctrine in this case to the evidence the People intend to offer at trial,” Trump’s attorneys wrote in their 26-page motion.


There's not yet any indication of a ruling from Judge Juan Merchan, but given that both parties are now requesting a delay of the trial, odds are, the trial date will be postponed. 

This is a developing story. RedState will provide additional information as it becomes available. 



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