Moore to the Point - You'll Always Be Twitter to Me

As a proud Gen-Xer, I have no beef with the letter X – it’s versatile, edgy, maybe even a bit sexy. I also don’t begrudge any company’s owner opting to rename or rebrand. I may like the “new and improved” name or look or not – but ultimately, it’s theirs to name and brand as they see fit.


I’ve had a Twitter account for a decade-and-a-half. It was through Twitter that I met and became friends with some of the best people I know. It was because of them that I began podcasting and editing and ultimately made the leap from the legal world to the media world. I’m not being overly dramatic when I say this silly social media app changed the course of my life.

And it isn’t just me, of course. There’s no way to be certain of what the future will bring, but Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform was a game changer in the battle to protect free speech and expose at least some of the overreach and corruption plaguing the government and formerly trusted institutions.

Many contend Musk overpaid when he bought Twitter, but from where I’m sitting, his purchase was invaluable.

So, if he wants to call it “X,” I say more power to him. But it’ll always be Twitter to me.




This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Wednesday, July 26th Audio included below.



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