Moore to the Point - What's a Girl to Do?

On Thursday, the House passed the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act,” designed to ensure that biological females not be forced to compete with biological males in athletics. The vote was purely along party lines with Republicans all voting “yay” and Democrats all voting “nay.”


While it likely won’t get past the Senate – and most definitely won’t be signed into law by President Biden – the measure nevertheless draws an important line in the sand.

Regardless of one’s thoughts on transgenderism in general, one of the hardest sells comes in the arena of women’s sports and women’s spaces, two areas that women – including traditional feminists – fought for years to establish and protect.

While some argue that transwomen are basically the same as biological women and therefore have every right to compete against them, this willfully overlooks the physiological advantage possessed by biological males when it comes to most athletic competitions – their male privilege, if you will.

When the net effect of a policy is to box girls and women out – whether by usurping their place on a roster or medal stand or making the risk of injury too great — how is this not a giant step backward? If men and boys are allowed into these spaces, where are the women and girls permitted to retreat? And why should they have to?



This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, April 21st. Audio included below.


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