WATCH: Following Denver Shooting, Fox Reporter Alicia Acuna Shows Her Mettle as She Finally Sees Her Son, a Student at the School

As RedState reported on Wednesday, a school shooting at East High School in Denver, Colorado, resulted in two injured staff members and a suspect — a male student — on the run. Since our initial reporting, the 17-year-old gunman has been found dead in woods near an abandoned car outside Denver.


Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw said the body was discovered Wednesday not far from the student’s car in a remote mountain area about 50 miles southwest of Denver, near the small town of Bailey, in Park County, The Associated Press reported.

The shooter was identified as Austin Lyle, who had transferred to the school from another district in January.

In accordance with a safety plan, Lyle was undergoing a search Wednesday morning. A handgun was retrieved, and several shots were fired, striking the two administrators, Denver police Chief Ron Thomas told reporters. That student then fled the school, and law enforcement launched a search.

Thomas said that a safety plan agreement had been in place and that Lyle would be searched at the beginning of the school day each day and that the student had been searched before. During that search Wednesday, which happened in the front office area away from other students and staff, Lyle produced a weapon and fired shots, the police chief said.

Following the shooting, Fox’s Alicia Acuna was on scene, reporting on the incident. Her son is a student at the school and, as the below video clip shows, she hadn’t yet seen him since the shooting, so it was an emotional moment when she finally caught sight of him and then was able to give him a hug.


During her report, Acuna, off camera, is heard saying:

“Sandra, that is so encouraging to hear, as a parent…excuse me…my son just came up, and I have not seen him.”

She then invites him over to her, returning to her report:

“So — I’m sorry, I’ve not seen my kid since this all went down.”

The emotion in her voice is unmistakable, yet she maintains her poise as the camera shows her son hurrying towards her, arms outstretched. She apologizes again to the newsroom and embraces him, reassuring him, “You’re okay, okay, good?” before returning to her report.

“Alright, I’m so sorry — I just — there’s no way you would have let your kid walk by, so, okay, okay, he’s okay, he’s good — you good? — okay, he’s good. But, yeah, he’s the one who was telling me what was happening, and my sister telling me what her daughter was telling her.

“So, hearing Governor Jared Polis put that out there is encouraging, and hopefully, it is helpful, because when you have students who are going before adults and they don’t feel like they are being heard — and parents definitely don’t feel like they’ve been heard, especially over the last few years, as we’ve seen the effects of the shutdown that it’s had on education, schools, and crime in general. We’ll have to see if something actually comes from this. I can definitely say I hope so, as a parent, I can say so. And I know — this is a really weird thing, toggling between reporting and being a parent here, but I’m speaking as a parent.”


Presumably, Acuna was referring to the statement released by Colorado’s governor shortly after the shooting.

Any parent can understand the mix of anxious fear and relief over knowing a child was in danger but is now safe — that Acuna was able to maintain her composure while giving a live report and finally seeing her son and comforting him is a testament to her professionalism.



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