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The jokes have practically written themselves for years – the ubiquitous Florida Man has engaged in all manner of nutty hijinks over the past decade or so.  But there’s one Florida man who’s been pointedly distinguishing himself recently – demonstrating leadership in an era where it’s largely gone AWOL.


Many see it as ambitious political posturing in anticipation of a run at the highest office in the land – and that it may well be. But whether his sights are set solely on the state he currently governs or ultimately on a promotion to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Ron DeSantis is showing other governors how it’s done – and seemingly having fun while doing it.

I don’t believe it was happenstance that DeSantis spent Monday speaking to law enforcement officers in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago – and it wasn’t lost on the Democratic officials in those blue cities and states either. While DeSantis touted the pluses of life in the Sunshine State, he contrasted those with the public safety fallout from the woke politics embraced in those jurisdictions he visited.

Given the number of residents fleeing New York and Illinois and flocking to Florida, perhaps Governors Hochul and Pritzker would do well to take their cues from DeSantis before the Florida Man eats their lunch.


This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Wednesday, February 22nd. Audio included below.



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