Moore to the Point - A Tale of Two Countries

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There’s been stunning news out of China lately as large-scale protests over the country’s draconian zero-COVID policy have erupted in Beijing, Shanghai, and elsewhere. It isn’t that protests are unheard of in China, but on this scale, and coupled with calls for Xi Jinping and the CCP to step down, they seem to have reached a heightened pitch.


Don’t hold your breath on meaningful change, though. Few things are prized by Xi and the Party more than stability and if that means clamping down hard on the populace, so be it.

Meanwhile, here in the US, the very-online Left is losing its collective mind over the prospect of speech being free-er on a social media platform. As Elon Musk settles into his new ownership of Twitter and sets about making changes designed to make it a digital town square with more free-flowing ideas, we have folks like Alyssa Milano virtue signaling her way out of a Tesla into a VW and Monica Lewinsky bemoaning the fact that she’s suddenly being “subjected to” views that differ from her own, presumably due to tweaks in the site’s algorithms.

So, while the Chinese people cry out for more freedom from their tyrannical government, pampered, privileged Americans caterwaul over having more of it – on a social media platform from which they’re free to come and go.

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, November 28th. Audio included below.



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