Moore to the Point - Suburban White Women

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Wednesday, November 2nd. Audio included below.

Remember when “soccer moms” was a thing? That demographic was deemed the electoral oracle back when Bob Dole took on Bill Clinton for the presidency, and briefly roared back to prominence when Mitt Romney challenged Barack Obama.


The soccer mom has morphed now – her new label is “suburban white woman” and, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll, she’s breaking right, shifting 26 points away from the Dems since August. Some might wonder how that can be in the wake of the Dobbs decision, which the Dems have clearly decided is their winning horse heading down the midterm homestretch.

It’s simple, really. If we’re going to stereotype, suburban white women do a lot of driving and grocery shopping. Meaning they’re hit with those skyrocketing gas and grocery prices square in the face on an almost daily basis. And, typically, their preference for suburban living ties into concerns about crime and education. Oh, and with mortgage interest rates topping seven percent, they’re not moving anytime soon. So, let’s see: Which of those issues are winners for the Democrats?

We’ll know for sure in a week or so where the white women are, but to answer Sheriff Bart’s age-old question from “Blazing Saddles,” they appear to be making a break for the GOP.



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