Moore to the Point - Inflation Nation

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, October 14th. Audio included below.


The last inflation report before the midterms came out on Thursday and — surprising no one other than those who live in a constant state of denial – it stunk. Year-over-year inflation clocked in at 8.2 percent, with month-over-month jumping .4 percent – remember, that’s four “inches” in Biden years.


Sometimes, reports like these come out, and the numbers sort of sail past us. We don’t necessarily think about them in concrete terms – but it just so happens I took a photo of a grocery receipt back in April and had the chance to compare it to one from last week. (I guess you could say I kept the receipts?)

Three items on the receipts were identical – except for the price that is. The soda was up a dollar, and the soup was up by fifty cents, as was the pico de gallo. (What can I say? I like spicy.) That’s an average increase of 16 percent – in just six months. That’s unsustainable.


So, Joe and the Democrats can keep trying to spin it however they want. Regular Americans are paying the price – literally – for their out-of-control spending and bassackward policies.

Conventional wisdom – and James Carville – say people generally vote their pocketbooks. If that holds true in November, it’s Democrats who’ll be paying a steep price when the votes are counted.



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