Moore to the Point - Forgive Us Our Debts

AP Photo/Sarah Blake Morgan

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, September 2nd. Audio included below.

I’m a Christian. Which, by definition, means I’m a sinner, flawed, and in need of God’s forgiveness and grace. That’s the cornerstone of my faith and belief system. I don’t hide my faith, but God knows [literally], I frequently fail at living up to its precepts. Even when I’m trying to walk the walk, I often stumble.


One thing I know about my faith is that it isn’t convenient. It both anchors me and lifts me up. It gives me hope and reason. But it is not easy and I wrestle with it. Often, it forces me to reckon with uncomfortable truths.

So, of all the potential arguments in support of student loan forgiveness, the one I find least persuasive is the one which involves those who generally scoff at Christianity and find the concept of applying Biblical principles to modern-day life laughable — if not downright offensive – trotting out the notion that the government robbing Peter to pay Paul is somehow Biblically supported.


I’m sorry, but no – you don’t get to deny Christ 90 percent of the time and then bust him out like a pop-up tent revival when you think it’s convenient to bolster your virtue-signaling vote grab. It’s hypocritical for believers to do it and it’s utter hogwash when belief antagonists do.



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