Special Prosecutor Amends Charges Against Patricia McCloskey Over Gun Incident

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Mark and Patricia McCloskey made national news last June when they came out onto their lawn, displaying firearms, as they confronted BLM protesters who had entered their private street and marched in front of their home, ostensibly on the way to then-Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home. (Note: that street wasn’t “on the way” to Krewson’s home.)


St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner opted to prosecute the McCloskeys (though ultimately not those who trespassed on the private property) and they were indicted by a Grand Jury in October of last year on felony charges including unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering. Gardner was subsequently removed from the case as she used the case to fundraise for her re-election campaign.

Special Prosecutor Richard Callahan was then appointed to proceed with the case and he has now amended the charges against Patricia. Per KMOV:

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) — The special prosecutor in the case against Mark and Patricia McCloskey announced an additional charge against the latter Tuesday, charging her with harassment in the second degree. The new charge was added as an alternative to the existing charge of unlawful use of a weapon. The charge against her of tampering with evidence was dropped.

With the alternative charge added, if the jury chooses to convict, they can only convict McCloskey on the unlawful use of a weapon charge (a felony), or the harassment charge (a misdemeanor). She cannot be convicted for both.

Under Missouri law, harassment occurs when a person, without good cause and with the purpose to cause emotional distress, commits an action against another person or group of people.


While the amendment includes the additional charge of “harassment in the second degree,” a misdemeanor (and an alternative to the felony unlawful use of a weapon charge), it also dropped the tampering with evidence charge. The case is currently set for trial November 1, 2021, before Judge David C. Mason, as is the case against Mark McCloskey.

The charges against Mark have not, as yet, been amended, though that may also be in the works. McCloskey recently announced he was throwing his hat in the ring for US Senate in 2022. In doing so, he became the third candidate to formally announce for the seat being vacated by Roy Blunt, the other two being Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, and former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. (For a little background on Missouri and US Senate races, read Missouri Legislature Moves to Keep Next Year’s Senate Race From Becoming a Debacle.)


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