'Florida Man' Almost Suppresses DeSantis' Vote

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As Election Day 2020 looms (and concerns regarding voter fraud and voter suppression are being bandied about), “Florida Man” is doing his part to keep things interesting. (Rumor has it my RedState cohorts Thomas LaDuke, Brad Slager, and Scott Hounsell discussed this very thing on the most recent episode of Bourbon on the Rocks.)


Earlier today, The Hill reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ran into a snag when he went to cast his vote:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was nearly prevented from casting his ballot this week after a man allegedly changed his home address online.

The governor attempted to cast his ballot on Monday, The Associated Press reports, but was informed at the polling place that his address had been changed to a small apartment more than 400 miles away.

It seems that Anthony Guevara, 20, of Naples — i.e., “Florida Man” — thought it’d be a swell idea to change things up for the Governor and alter his address on the state’s election website. When DeSantis attempted to cast his vote on Monday, he discovered that his address had been changed.

Per the AP:

DeSantis went to an early voting site in Tallahassee on Monday to cast his ballot, but was told his address had been changed from the governor’s mansion to 2185 Pretty Lane, a small apartment complex in West Palm Beach, 420 miles (675 kilometers) away.

Thankfully, the issue was quickly remedied and DeSantis was ultimately able to cast his vote. He then notified law enforcement of the issue. They made quick work of tracking down Guevara, who indicated he’d gotten DeSantis’ birthdate off his Wikipedia page.


Which does lead one to wonder: Just how easy is it to alter someone else’s voter registration information in Florida? Apparently relatively easy. Guevara didn’t limit his meddling to DeSantis. Per The Hill, “Guevara allegedly also told authorities that he had accessed voter information of Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) and LeBron James and Michael Jordan, though he claimed he had not made any changes to their records.” Whew!

Guevara’s now been charged with accessing a computer without authorization and illegally altering voting records (both third-degree felonies). Nevertheless, the fact that he was able to mess with the voter registration information of the Governor (and access the information for other notables) is rather troubling.


Now, here’s the even stranger part — per the AP, Guevara is a registered Republican! Hard to interpret his hijinks as politically motivated given that. Whatever his motivation, he’s getting a swift lesson in actions having consequences.

Of course, now I’m wondering how many other clever souls out there might attempt to mess with Florida voter registrations now that they’ve learned of Guevara’s prank.


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