MO's a No-Go -- for at Least a While Longer

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President Donald Trump is greeted by Gov. Mike Parson, R- Mo., after arriving at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, Thursday, July 26, 2018, in St. Louis, Mo. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


This afternoon, Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced that he was extending the state’s “stay-at-home” order through May 3rd. (The order initially went into effect on April 6th and was set to expire April 24th.) The announcement didn’t come as a huge surprise as it followed on the heels of announcements by the Mayor of Kansas City of an extension through May 15th and by the Mayor of St. Louis (City) and the St. Louis County Executive that the local stay-at-home orders were extended into mid-May (without a date certain.)

Parson shared a series of tweets regarding his plan:


Parson explained that he realizes the sacrifices Missourians are being asked to make are hard but he’s advocating a measured, data-based approach to re-opening.

As reported by KRCGTV:

Reopening the state will have two initial phases.

First, Parson said the state will work to protect health care workers, first responders and other direct care workers so the most vulnerable citizens have access to care.

Second, Parson said the state will begin strategically reopening businesses by “testing data and insights from employers and employees.”

According to Parson, the state’s Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan rests on four “essential pillars.”

  1. Rapidly expand testing capacity, including testing for those who are currently contagious and those who have developed immunity.
  2. Expand the state’s reserves of Personal Protective Equipment by opening public and private supply chains.
  3. Continue to monitor and, if necessary, expand hospital and health care system capacity, including alternate care facilities.
  4. Improve our ability to predict potential outbreaks using Missouri’s public health data.

This is not going to be easy. None of this is. But I am relieved, at least, to see that Missouri’s Governor is working hard to thread this needle/walk this fine-line.

I’m certain there are those who will find fault with his decision. Some will claim this is far too long to have the state on lockdown and that, at minimum, the less affected areas ought to be free to open back up sooner. Some will claim this is too early and we need to stay at home unless/until the coast is virtually clear. (Side ponder: Wondering what the overlap looks like between those who are hollering the loudest in opposition to any notion of loosened restrictions and those who still have gainful employment? #EmployedPrivilege.)

As I acknowledged — it’s threading a needle. And there are no guarantees. But I do remain optimistic that with the proper framework and parameters put in place and followed, we can hope to emerge on the other side of this in a few weeks and begin putting the pieces of our world back together.


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