It's a Hickenlooper Twofer! The Presidential Candidate Shares a Little TMI


And some thought his comments regarding a female running mate were questionable!

As I wrote earlier today, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper appeared Wednesday for a town hall event on CNN. Speaking with Dana Bash, he drew some hisses and groans when he questioned why female candidates weren’t being asked if they’d consider a male running mate.


But the real showstopper was his explanation of how he wound up seeing an X-rated movie…with his mom.

As Hickenlooper explained, he was home from college and had already made plans with a friend but then felt bad leaving his mom at home alone. “So I took my mother to see ‘Deep Throat.'”

Yeah, that’s not the sort of thing you expect to hear from a presidential candidate. Or…really…anyone.

Although, to be fair, I wound up seeing “Basic Instinct” at the theater with my Dad.  Look – it was playing at the Dollar Show and my Mom was out of town and he was bored and suggested we go see a movie and…yeah, it still was as awkward as it sounds. Trust me, I get it. I think I’m still somewhat scarred from the experience. But at least that one was only rated “R”. (Yes, I know it was originally NC-17.) Good thing I’m not running for President!


One thing’s for certain: As the crowded field of Democrats strive to distinguish themselves from one another and portray themselves as “relatable” to every day Americans, they run the risk of becoming too familiar. And we all know what that breeds.



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