INCREDIBLE: Watch This Wild Video of a Las Vegas Officer Shooting at Suspect(s) Through His Windshield

Yesterday, Las Vegas police released bodycam video of a car chase and shootout between police and two suspects in a fatal shooting at a carwash. The four-minute video depicts a high-speed car chase, through traffic.


The suspects fired multiple rounds at the police during the chase. The bodycam is worn by Officer William Umana.

As noted in the video’s description:

When another police car joins the chase, Umana warned the officer to stay back. The second officer’s car was hit by bullets at least twice and could not finish the chase. As the chase neared its end, Umana can be seen in the video pulling his car closer to the SUV and firing 11 shots through his windshield and seven shots through his open window. One civilian’s car was struck by gunfire, Kelly said. Nunez exited the car as it was still moving near Hollingsworth Elementary School, 1776 E. Ogden Ave., and ran up steps outside of the school and attempted to enter, but the door was locked, Kelly said Miranda moved to the driver’s seat of the car and attempted to reverse toward Umana, Kelly said. Umana left his car and continued to fire while plain-clothes officer Paul Soloman, 46, approached the passenger-side door. Soloman fired his shotgun once and hit Miranda. The vehicle came to a stop at the north wall of the school, and Miranda was handcuffed while medical was called, Kelly said.


Thankfully, aside from the suspects, no one else appears to have been hurt.  Nice work, Officer Umana!

h/t David Stephens for sharing the video.  



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