BREAKING: MO Governor Greitens Makes Bombshell Announcement

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens speaks at a new conference outside court on Monday, May, 14 2018, in St. Louis. Prosecutors on Monday abruptly dropped an invasion-of-privacy charge against Greitens but say they hope to refile the case. The surprise move came at the end of a third day of jury selection for the Republican governor's trial. (AP Photo by Jim Salter)

FILE – In this Jan. 20, 2018, file photo, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens listens to a question during an interview in his office at the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City, Mo., where he discussed having an extramarital affair in 2015 before taking office. His political future faces a big test Wednesday, April 11 when a special legislative committee issues an investigative report related to the affair. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)



After months of controversy emanating both from an extra-marital affair he acknowledged but disputed allegations that he had photographed the woman in a state of undress and threatened to publish it should she reveal their affair and from allegations surrounding improper use of a donor list as part of his campaign, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has just held a press conference announcing that he is resigning.

As reported by the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens on Tuesday announced he is stepping down in the face of an impeachment effort, an adverse judicial ruling and and multiple criminal investigations.

The announcement came hours after damaging testimony by a former campaign aide to a House committee investigating Greitens, and a separate ruling by a judge forcing the governor’s campaign to reveal fundraising information.

Rumors spread Tuesday afternoon after both developments that Greitens had decided to resign. Allegations  surrounding Greitens led to an unprecedented split in Greitens’ Republican party, leaders of which led efforts to impeach him.

Earlier Tuesday, a Cole County judge ruled the governor and his allies must comply with two subpoenas from the panel seeking information about the nonprofit A New Missouri and his campaign fund — despite protests from Greitens’ legal team.
There appeared to be a growing likelihood that the Governor would be impeached.  The resignation obviously renders that moot.  The potential criminal cases remain in play, though.
Lt. Governor Mike Parson will assume the role of Governor.


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