Pimps, and Punks, and Pooches - Oh My! Hillary Clinton Sets Off the Dogs

Maybe the dogs didn’t appreciate it when Hillary Clinton attempted to impersonate them.  Or maybe they just don’t dig her pinked and punked. But something prompted security dogs at the Art Basel Festival in Miami to react to a crate containing Clinton’s portrait this past Saturday.


Fair director Nick Korniloff said that the two dogs reacted to the crate during a pre-show check shortly after 8 a.m., prompting organizers to clear the site. Both the Art Miami tent and a tent for Context, connected by a tunnel, were closed off. The package was then searched and the painting of the former Democratic presidential candidate was found inside.

Police officers ran the 16 inch by 20 inch acrylic-on-wood artwork through an X-ray machine, which turned up no suspicious material.

The painting, created by artist Scott Scheidly, featured a punked-out Clinton, sporting a pink shag and a Joan-Jett-Meets-Pinky-Tuscadero studded jacket. Not a look I’d ever really envisioned for the Democratic presidential nominee, but, hey, that’s the beauty of art, right?

My favorite thing about this story?  There’s a companion piece featuring Donald Trump, all pimped out and looking for all the world like Huggy Bear’s long-lost cousin.  (Am I showing my age yet?)

Though it is still unclear what caused the pooches to alert, it seems a fitting commentary regarding presidential politics having gone to the dogs.

(H/t The Right Scoop.)


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