Former Federal Prosecutor "Banned by Putin, Fired by Trump" Reacts to Mueller Probe

Former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Former US Attorney Preet Bharara, who made headlines in March of this year, when he was canned by President Trump, had an interesting response to news that the Mueller probe appears to be hitting Democratic powerhouses, too:


As streiff wrote earlier, this morning’s news of the Manafort and Gates indictments appears to be having a ripple effect, extending into Democratic circles, as well.  Head of The Podesta Group, Tony Podesta (brother to erstwhile Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta), has announced his resignation from the lobbying firm and implied he may have some legal fights of his own to mount.

As noted by the Daily Beast article linked in Bharara’s tweet:

The indictment of former Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort is likely causing bipartisan headaches. While it alleges that President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman was a tax-dodging money-launderer in cahoots with an authoritarian Ukrainian regime, it also hints at a potential legal mess for one of Washington’s most powerful Democratic dynasties: the Podestas.

The indictment describes a cozy, coordinated relationship between Manafort, Ukraine’s Putin-friendly president Viktor Yanukovych, and two unnamed Washington lobbying firms, beginning in 2012. Lobbying disclosure forms show that the Podesta Group and Mercury LLC, two powerful Washington firms, started working alongside Manafort that year, and with the European Centre for Modern Ukraine –– a group the indictment describes as a cut-out for the Yanukovych government.


Bharara’s Twitter bio cheekily notes that he was “Banned by Putin, fired by Trump.”  However, any animus Bharara may hold for the President who fired him does not appear to be clouding his desire to see some well-connected Democrats meet with some justice, as well.

In fact, anyone who isn’t a blinded partisan ought to be cheering this on. Though the fact that one former presidential campaign chairman is under federal indictment, while the other’s brother may be looking down the same barrel shortly should probably be giving all of us pause. Is it the Russians who are our true problem?


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