Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 148: The 'Political Light at the End of the Progressive Tunnel, Jesus Revolution, and Just Say No to Kamala' Edition

There’s an unofficial political theory that says the “pendulum will always swing back.” To the extent this phrase is a mystery to you, it simply means that a party or idea will swing hard in the direction it’s going until it goes as far as it can, and then the swing starts back toward the center and, eventually, up the other side of the half-circle arc.


Looking around, no one would be blamed for believing that the political pendulum in America today has reached it’s highest point on the progressive side and is now beginning the descent back to the center. And Democrats have only their own policy choices and candidates to blame.

Look at Joe Biden. The man is either so corrupt or so shameless that he drags his provably degenerate son out to Ireland with him to make a distant family visit and strike a long-anticipated trade deal with the UK (while embarrassing himself by being rude and/or not recognizing UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak).

Then there’s the several years now of protests and endorsement of policy that have seen our children fail at school, become ever more mentally unstable, even turning some of them into killers at schools and banks.

We’ve witnessed the bullying of the financial and business sector to adopt shallow, performative, cultural fads or face difficulty being “graded” as caring about the things progressives care about.

Not to mention the terrible ideas about making sure America’s last on energy, propping up DAs who would see criminals back on the streets, and failing to deal with an emerging and aggressive China. The Pentagon document leak and the misinformation about the Ukraine war are not even surprises at this point. Just maybe sour cherries on top of a very bad-tasting sundae made mostly of regret.


So, will the pendulum swing in 2024? That’s up the American voter.

I talk about all that on the show today, as well as offer thoughts on the schlocky but right-on-time “Jesus Revolution” (trailer below). Oh, and did you know Hollywood Dem donors really, REALLY, don’t like Kamala? I talk about that, too.

Start your weekend right and push play.

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