Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 147: The 'Mystery Behind the Nashville Shooting, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, and Hollywood's Lessons to Learn' Edition

I don’t have much to add to the horror of what happened in Nashville, so I’ll just give you Charles W. Cooke to read on the subject.

I cannot help but notice that the press has found a clever way of having it both ways in situations such as these. If, rather than six Christians being murdered by a transgender activist, a Christian activist had murdered six transgender people, both Moran and Ryan would have said . . . well, they’d have said exactly the same thing, wouldn’t they? Whatever happens, the blame runs only in one direction. “Someone did something horrible — oh, and while you’re here, have you heard about the right-wing speech or legislation that we’d like you to think explains it?”


I do, however, talk a great deal about it on the show below, so if you want my thoughts on the matter, you should push play. I also discuss the absolutely charming “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” (trailer below) and Hollywood’s massive, massive losses — and whether they’re going to finally figure out how to stop harming themselves.

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