Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 142: The 'Border NGOs, A Christmas Story Story, and Dad TV' Edition

The early Christmas present from Mother Nature that has half the country bombed by below freezing temps is shining a new light on the humanitarian crisis arising from unchecked illegal immigrants arriving at U.S. southern border.


As dangerously cold temperatures arrive this week, US border officials are warning migrants seeking to enter the country of the dire weather.

“Extremely cold, below freezing temperatures are expected along the Mexico and United States border during the next several days,” Hugo Carmona, Acting Associate Chief of US Border Patrol Operations, said in a video statement. “Do not risk your life and that of your loved ones trying to cross the river or the desert. Help avoid human death and tragedy, stay home or remain in a safe shelter. This is a warning of extreme importance.”

The Heritage Foundation has released a report on just why so many people are showing up and expecting entry, even as they circumvent legal immigration protocol: it’s partly because they’re being helped by nonprofit organizations that have been using the charitable sector to carry our the progressive policies of the White House while the Biden Administration denies it’s happening.

What’s more? Heritage tracked the immigrants who were fed through the nonprofits to nearly every congressional district in the United States.


It’s tempting, during the holiday season, to look the other way. But what’s happening at the southern border is no gift to immigrants or the border towns buckling under the weight of dwindling resources.

I talk about all that today. As well as the adorable “A Christmas Story Story” (trailer below) and Amazon’s “Dad TV” programming.

Happy Holidays, revelers!

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