Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 136: The 'Martha's Vineyard Migrant Crisis, Blackbird, and Rex Chapman's School of Propaganda' Edition

For conservatives wondering if there are any members of the GOP willing to fight the Dems on their owns terms and win, the absolutely brilliant — and frankly hilarious — moves by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott to bring the immigration crisis literally to Democrats’ front doors should provide an answer to that question. And it’s yes. Magnificently, yes.


And you know it worked and was brilliant because the left — the pundits, the entertainers, the media, and the twitter randos — have been kvetching the last two days over the inhumanity of asking migrants if they preferred to huddle under a bridge and compete with thousands of others for resources, or jump a bus to some of the nicest neighborhoods in the country.

Tough choice.

Martha’s Vineyard — land of the Kennedy and Obama families — moved (smuggled?) their migrants out in about a day and half. But first they explained themselves.

The poor, wealthy dears.

Given that a chunk of the island is comprised of empty beach houses in the off-season, the official explanation just adds to the comedy.

And it is funny. Mostly because, for the first time, liberals had nothing to hide behind. They could only  be their elitist selves, all the while fretting over the injustice done to them. The migrants in question are no doubt headed for a better situation than their cohort back in Texas, so we can laugh about it without moral failing, despite what the newly baptized-in-Christ liberals would have you believe.


And we should laugh. Feels good after the last several years.

Well done Govs. You give us hope.

I talk about all that on the show today, as well as opine on the fantastic “Blackbird” (trailer below). And I throw in a personal bone-picking session I have with Twitter, who keeps putting the worst leftist propagandists into my feed. I want answers.

Sit back and click.

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