Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 125: The 'Save the Kids, King Richard, and Oscars' Wake-up Slap' Edition

It’s supremely strange that the prevailing debate today is on protecting children from the predations of those who would muddle their minds at a very young age. The divide seems to be centered squarely in politically ideology, as I wrote about earlier here.


What’s particularly strange about this is that it seems clearly tied in with a political ideology, which suggests that it’s not — as many conservatives have been getting louder about vocalizing — wholly organic. And the purveyors of that ideology seem blissfully unaware. Because if they were aware of the damage they’re causing they’d pull back, right? Right??

What’s really strange about it is the attempt by progressives and their sympathizers to shift the narrative to one that declares casting the word “groomer” around with abandon is somehow worse that talking sexual identity with elementary school children — and teaching them to keep those conversations from their parents.

But that’s where we’ve arrived as a society, and it’s more than a little disturbing.

What’s most daunting is the realization that these efforts to break the minds and trust of young kids is apparently a hill progressives — and even some centrist Democrats — are willing to die on. What that means is that the fight isn’t just with a subset of the progressive left. It’s with their most visible members — up to and including the Biden administration — and most of their water-carriers in the press.



That’s a hard fight, and will likely be a long one, because it’s beginning to appear that the effort to make sure the adults who would carry out this agenda were in place has been happening for quite some time.

But as hard as it is, it may be the most important fight conservatives face today. And it’s a worthy fight. So put on that armor, and get in the fray. The kids need our help.

I talk about all that on the show today, as well as the as-good-as-advertised “King Richard” (trailer below). Of course, the entertainment slap heard round the world also makes an appearance. A bit later than everyone else, but that’s just how I work.

Fire it up at the link.

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