Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 116: The 'China BioWar, Belfast, and Smollett Suckers' Edition

There appears to have been a scandalous lot of lying about the coronavirus — on several different fronts — since the pandemic began. A new clip is circulating claiming that there was an attempt to downplay coronavirus treatments in order to get the whole world vaccinated, for example; an effort that Dr. Peter McCullough told Joe Rogan was laid out in 2017. If true, it’s damning to say the least.


What this clip speaks to is something of a premeditated effort to use any forthcoming pandemic (which McCullough says came a few years early) to force vaccinations. The why is the remaining mystery. But a few days ago I wrote about an MIT board member who resigned from a brain research institute over concerns that the school was working on research with China that presented some dangerous risks to the world. When the board member reported her concerns, she was told they took second place to scientific research which was “paramount.”

After reading a report in Reuters about a Danish partnership with China, and recalling that the Chinese military had “published articles declaring biology a new domain of warfare,” Bethel took her concerns to other board members. Their responses? Those kinds of concerns might be perceived as “racist” and that objections to working with China ran counter to the idea that “scientific progress is paramount.”

(Those searching for a reason why Anthony Fauci and The EcoHealth Alliance might have entered into an agreement to fund highly risky gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology may want to read the last part of that sentence again.)


If this new information from Dr. McCullough is to be believed, it strengthens the idea that conducting risky gain-of-function research on coronavirus with a Communist nation like China was in line with the idea that scientific research took precedence as a way to protect the world should a pandemic occur. The irony, of course, is that the research may have led to the pandemic if it is ever definitively proved the Wuhan lab was the source of the COVID-19 leak.

I talk about all that on the podcast below, as well as offer thoughts on the glorious “Belfast” (trailer below). I also talk a bit about the Smollett Suckers — those who believed the hate-crime hoax and sold it as truth before the verdict (which ultimately ran counter to that narrative) was in.

Fire it up.

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