Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 114: The 'Rittenhouse Acquittal, Shang-Chi, And Time's Up For Time's Up' Edition

I recorded this show before the horror in Waukesha, so there’s no discussion of whether or not that terrible tragedy was motivated by the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. And, frankly, there’s no proof at this point that it was. But given the suspect in Waukesha had a social media presence full of Black Lives Matter content, people can be forgiven for making the connection.


And just as it’s important to separate the larger BLM global movement from the sentiment they appropriated to sell their propaganda, it’s important to point something else out as well: these cults of hate and division, and antifa is very much included in that description, make use of the worst sorts of individuals.

The people shot by Rittenhouse, and the driver of the red SUV in Waukesha, were not good people; and their interest in these groups is no accident. The radical mandates of groups like BLM and antifa give the already radical individual cover to do the things they already like to do. Only they feel righteous in their criminal behavior with the backing of a group that lies about its agenda.

It’s a truth that needs a lot more discussion if we’re going to start healing the brutal hatred ripping the country asunder at present. And my hope is that we get to a place where we discuss these things less in terms of race and more in terms of criminal behavior. Or we’ll continue to justify inhumanity as if it’s a necessary evil toward social justice.


Give the show a listen if you’re so inclined on your trip to wherever you’re finding your Thanksgiving cheer. I talk about the fun of “Shang-Chi” (trailer below), and the demise (although probably not for long) of the Time’s Up movement due to it’s strange defense of Andrew Cuomo.

Enjoy your holiday, America. Try to find the hope in the chaos.

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