Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 98: The 'Tyranny of Overreach, Ride The Eagle, and ScarJo Meets Her Heroes' Edition

This week’s show has a little more sustained, underground anger than I like. But Washington, DC, where I live, has reinstituted indoor mask mandates REGARDLESS of vaccine status to stop the spread of a new variant of COVID that is apparently milder and less sustainable than the original spiked devil.


So the Karens are coming back, and it’s just never fun dealing with the Karens.

And it makes it doubly annoying that Mayor Bowser spent Friday night partying with Dave Chappelle and celebrating her birthday in the hours before her mandate took effect.

So…if you can’t suss out what’s happening, I’m sorry but there’s no longer anything I can do for you. As for me, and apparently some hardcore liberals that I spoke with this morning that live in my building, a little (more) civil disobedience is in order (but make sure you’re not being stupid about it). I can tell you that nothing will happen to you except businesses that are still playing along may ask you to leave. But I learned early on that DC police were not engaged in the farce.


Honestly, the Karens are the worst part of it all. But you can survive them. Laughing helps.

So, apologies for the pessimism in the show today. It’ll clear up by next week.

And til then you can watch “Ride The Eagle” (trailer below), a decent enough time killer, and read about ScarJo’s recognition that the very people she works with want to screw her over. I’d feel bad for her, but she stands to make millions if she wins her lawsuit and man if I could make millions off the people that I trusted that screwed me over, I’d be doing just fine.

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