Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 93: The 'Biden Nuclear Threat, Manifest, and Katy Perry: Election Expert' Edition

There have been many disturbing consequences as a result of the election of old radical Joe, but arguably one of the worst happened this past week when the guy who keeps insisting that January 6th was a terrible and frightening event that must be investigated suggested that the 2nd amendment was inconsequential to Americans because if they thought they could defeat government with a few handguns, they might instead find themselves nuked.


No really, that’s what he suggested.

Now what’s interesting about this rambling attempt at a cheap shot is that it’s an admission about why the 2nd Amendment was included in the first documents: to protect Americans from their government. Progressives tend not to like to talk about that. But Joe just spills it with some spittle here.

And secondly, as mentioned above, it’s a very interesting insight into the bravado of an administration that might actually be rather worried that what they’ve already done — and what they plan to do — may have Americans concerned enough that they could start talking about needing to defend themselves. I don’t know that’s the case. But this sad display makes me think whatever is ultimately on this man’s agenda is going to be very displeasing to a great number of American citizens.


The saving grace, of course, is that the level of competence this administration has at its disposal makes me think they’ll be incapable of much success in completing whatever they set out to do. But that doesn’t mean they can’t do a lot of damage while trying.

I talk about all of that on today’s show, as well as offer thoughts on a great little diversion on Netflix called “Manifest” (trailer below). Oh, and I talk about whether or not it’s likely Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom know a damn thing at all at election integrity.

Drop in and lend an ear!

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