Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 89: The 'Jan. 6 Commission, Made For Love, and Fauci's Webby' Edition

Ok, first off, I lied. I WILL be recording from DC next week. It’s the following week I’ll be down south. So just ignore that part of today’s podcast. I’m so excited to be going home I’m already there in my head a week before I will be in reality.

Stumbling on…

The Democrats passed legislation in the House to form a commission to look at what happened on January 6, 2021. They’re still calling it an insurrection at the Capitol and a potential coup. However, because they won’t expand the scope of the commission to also include an investigation into what happened for months on end last summer in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, DC, Atlanta, etc. and et al, they may not ultimately have enough bipartisan support to pass it in the Senate.

And really, that’s as it should be. Here’s why — the Capitol mob, stupid as it was, doesn’t even compare (although it may relate) to what happened in those other American cities over the summer of 2020. But privileged legislators like AOC would have everyone believe their lives (because their lives are the ones that count) were in imminent danger and that this was the worst fracturing of American life since 9/11. They’re spinning it so hard as the worst thing the world has ever seen they’re actually making it difficult to take it seriously. And there’s no doubt it should be taken seriously. But is it more serious than this?:

And that’s just Portland.

Americans should really stop accepting that their lives and interests and businesses somehow mean less than those of the people they install in the shiny white federal buildings in DC.

I talk about all of that on the show today, as well as offer my thoughts on an HBO Max comedy I’m enjoying called “Made For Love” (trailer below). Oh, and there’s also the subject of Fauci’s Webby. Which just irritates the hell out of me.

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