Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 79: The 'UK Baby Racism, Participant Media Propaganda, and South ParQ Vax' Edition

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So, how we all feeling about being told that if we’re really good boys and girls, we might get to spend time with family and friends for the Independence Day celebration on July 4th, should the government deem it acceptable? Is the irony making you feel a bit nuts? Don’t beat yourself up. You’re not alone.


It was nearly a foregone conclusion that President Biden would offer that message during his first address to the nation Thursday. And he lived up to the suspicion. Confusing messages are just the way of things these days. Antifa, for example, is setting fire to federal buildings in Portland again, but there’s been barely a peep from the mainstream press about it. Meanwhile, the guy from Mumford & Sons was convinced to take a break from the band for agreeing that reporting on that kind of activity was a good and brave undertaking.

And Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would have us all believe that their lives in California in a literal mansion are tainted by the stain of oppression that only those who rely on definitions of words from the insufferable woke culture can possibly understand.

And of course there’s an entire film production company attempting to convince anyone that cares to listen that their documentary filmmaking is meant only to tell the stories of the suffering of the little people who are being burdened by the evils of traditional energy capture — while taking a TON of money from the competing traditional energy companies competing for market share (and that’s just one example. I interview a special guest on this topic).


So, we’re in an age of mixed and very confusing messaging. And there are still some who are doing their best — to varying degrees of success — to make sense of it. Like the South Park guys, who have a new Vaccination Special (trailer below), but — because everything is so massively muddled — can only scratch the surface of sense.

The only way to survive it, friends, is to go ahead and get together with your friends and family and celebrate your independence and have a little fun. Be with the people that make sense. Because the world’s not likely to any time soon.

I cover all that on the show today. I hope you find some light in it.

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