Democrat Rep. Cori Bush Wants Republicans Expelled From Congress But She Might Want To Check The Date Of Her Resolution

Democrat Rep. Cori Bush Wants Republicans Expelled From Congress But She Might Want To Check The Date Of Her Resolution
AP Photo/John Minchillo

There are a couple of terms necessary to understand the following post. They get used a lot by DC-based, very-online types. “Performative” and “whataboutism”.

This post could be charged as being an example of the latter (although I don’t think it qualifies) and will absolutely be using an example of the former to make its point. And I write it because the events at the Capitol today, as disturbing as they were (may the woman shot and killed find her eternal repose and may her family find peace), should not be such a distraction that people forget the intrinsic interests of those who seek to censor and shut down their political opponents.

Like Congresswoman Cori Bush here, a Democrat who would like to see Republicans who “incited this domestic terror attack” expelled from their seats in Congress. Presumably she means everyone who was calling to challenge the electoral results (a challenge, by the way, that seems to have been called off. Funny that).

But as an enterprising twitter user pointed out to me when I tweeted this, the date on Rep. Bush’s resolution is from…yesterday, January 5. She was planning to introduce her resolution to expel these legislators for the crime of the challenge alone, it would seem. But the “domestic terror” rhetoric makes it that much more delicious, surely.

Except…the nation has been through six months of burning cities, people being killed, harassment, incitement to riot, occupation, violence, destruction, etc. And few prominent Democrats condemned those actions. In fact — and I know because I looked it up — all of the expressions below are true (although Kamala’s is slightly fudged as a direct quote).

Then there’s AOC, who is apparently trying to get this charming bit of incitement removed from twitter:

The point is, these people have no moral high ground to stand on, and it’s beyond shameful a Democratic Congressional leader would lie about the motivation for her resolution seeking her colleagues’ cancelation from Congress to capitalize on something her caucus has been, at best, ignoring, at worst, encouraging for the last half a year.

There seem to be a lot of conservatives willing to take up yet another narrative developed by this wing of the progressive idealogues, and it’s understandable. They don’t want to be seen as condoning or contributing to the behavior in DC today. But they would do very well to remember that some Democrats — a fairly uncomfortable number of them — won’t appreciate the gesture and would see them perp walked out the Capitol.

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