Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 68: The 'Hunter Scandal, Better-Than-Hallmark Xmas Movies, and Hollywood Mask Madness' Edition

The sad and sordid tale of Hunter Biden is not an appropriate topic just before Christmas, and it’s with no great joy I bring you the latest on that drama, which is looking more and more like a Lifetime Movie of the Week. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is pointed when he says the “business” Hunter was involved in with Ukraine and China was a 30 year “RICO conspiracy” and that old Daddy Joe was fully aware of it. But since all we have are allegations, text messages, the word of a former business partner, and a Senate report, we’re left speculating on much of what went down. Seems to have become the normal state of things between government and the people she is supposed to be representing. Calls for a special prosecutor seem to be well-advised since that could be the only way we get to the bottom of what went on with the son of our president elect. Hell of a way to start a term, Democrats. The country really could have used a little healing but instead we got whatever this madness is and will be.


Thank God we still have Christmas, despite some serious attempts to shame people for wanting to enjoy it with family and friends. So, with the holiday spirit in mind, sit back and spend 40 minutes or so on this last podcast before the holiday as I regale you with some movie suggestions for slightly askew Christmas movies (trailers below), and discuss Hollywood’s Boy in the Bubble mentality when it comes to how people that don’t make millions of dollars per “project” feel about masking and locking down. Because if “the stars” feel the need to keep us in our places, we can return the favor and remind them of theirs.



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