Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 67: The 'Texas Suit, Fatman, and Elf Reunion for Ga' Edition

Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 67: The 'Texas Suit, Fatman, and Elf Reunion for Ga' Edition

There’s a division in the GOP ranks and where you come down on it seems to fall squarely in line with how you feel about the Texas lawsuit, filed directly with SCOTUS, that asks the court to block Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan from certifying electors due to allegations that the vote tallies in those states may be fraudulent.

A large number of GOP legislators — 17 attorneys general in states across the nation as well as over 100 GOP legislators in Congress and in State legislatures — have issued support for the lawsuit. Meanwhile, conservative political pundits, some of them respected lawyers in their own right, have declared the suits frivolous at best, insane at worst.

So what is the average American, some of whom actually submitted affidavits alleging election irregularity in their state, supposed to make of all this? Do they trust their elected officials, or do they align with the punditry class that tells them all of those officials — over a hundred now, remember — are grifters and lying politicians seeking to do little more than advance in their careers? Oh, and are stupid. Because the lawsuit is not only frivolous, but legally absurd, so they say.

I would advise those average Americans seeking answers that if they didn’t like the madness of the 2020 election, they should hope SCOTUS hears the case and offers some guidance on how to resolve the issue of some states ignoring their own laws to change the rules prior to the election using the crisis of the pandemic as an excuse.

I would also advise them to remember that political pundits — like the politicians they criticize — have also been known to rep a side for career advancement.

And I would further advise them to read the lawsuit themselves, as well as the responses from the states being sued, and decide for themselves.

I talk about all that on the show today, and offer a review of “Fatman” (trailer below), a worthwhile take on the holiday genre and perhaps Mel Gibson’s own love letter to his haters. There’s also some stuff about why it’s hard to separate Hollywood’s artists from their art.

Enjoy the audio magic!

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