Media Calls Concerns About Election Integrity Conspiracy Theories, American Voters Disagree

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The media is playing an interesting game. While some big names in the mainstream press are suggesting discussion of election integrity issues surrounding the 2020 election should be dismissed as conspiracy theories and “tinfoil hat stuff,” American voters, according to a Nov. 7 snap poll by YouGov, on both sides of the aisle, think fraud did, in fact, occur in the general election, but they’re divided on whether they think it was enough to affect the outcome.


Media’s latest vapors seem to be coming mostly from new allegations out of the Trump camp questioning Dominion software, promoted by Trump himself as well as an attorney Sidney Powell, who has been investigating those allegations.

Despite those fairly condescending exhortations, the YouGov poll reveals some interesting data points as to whether the American voter is as convinced there’s nothing to see here. For example, this crosstab graphic shows a full two-thirds of registered voters think some voter fraud occurred in their state.

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And two of every five registered voters think it was enough to influence the outcome.
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In all, 81 percent of Trump supporters believe there was enough fraud to influence the election, with only a paltry 3 percent of Biden supporters agreeing. But, interestingly, 59 percent of Biden supporters think fraud DID occur. Compared to the 17 percent of Biden supporters and 1 percent of Trump supporters that believed no fraud occurred, those numbers are significant enough to prove that the mainstream press — who purport to have their fingers on the pulse — is comically out of touch with the people who they are supposed to be serving.


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