Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 62: The 'Tech Consumer Fraud, Chicago 7, and Lockdown Resistance' Edition

Back from vacation just in time for the world to light up with an election that no one seems to have a real read on, and that activists are already planning on protesting no matter who wins. Because that’s how weird 2020 has been.


On that note, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the strangest thing Thursday:

Did you register that? They’re going to declare Joe Biden the winner — she’s confident — no matter what the vote totals are on Nov. 3. This should be a signal to everyone that the Democrats mean to drag the fight over the 2020 election out for as long as they think it might take to make everyone give in to their demands that Joe Biden, late of a Chinese influence peddling scandal, take the gold. And, unfortunately, when Democrats are trying to get their way, that means bullying through riots and protests like the ones we’ve seen throughout this very long pandemic summer.

There are, thankfully, efforts afoot to reduce the ability to question vote count totals in places like Minnesota and Pennsylvania, two highly contested states that may both commit the unforgivable sin of flipping for Trump. There are attempts and requests to segregate late ballots (that arrive after election day) so they can, quite probably, be used in any challenge to election results.


What’s most interesting about this is that the Democrats set up this situation with their early demands that everyone vote by mail during the pandemic, for their health and safety, of course, you cynic. This coming chaos is, in fact, exactly what Dems were seeking. So when you hear left-leaning pundits complain that Republicans will use the chaos as a way to challenge results just know that’s a prevarication: this has always been the master plan of the Democrats.

So, who takes it on Tuesday? As a colleague pointed out to me the other day, given Biden’s barely believable showing in the polls, if Trump wins, it’s a failure in the polling industry the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Then again, because of the turmoil and violence of the 2020 Summer of Unrest, the “shy” Trump voter is a very, very real thing. Why would anyone admit support of someone when it could mean harassment if it’s just as easy to quietly and anonymously vote for that person on election day?

I have my opinions about who wins; but if 2016 taught me anything, it was to keep those opinions to myself if I didn’t want to be reminded by Facebook memories 2 years later that I was very wrong. Regardless of who wins, I won’t be going back to my apartment in DC for at least a week following the election. Because avoiding the outrage has become the new normal.


I talk about all of this and more on today’s show, as well as review a very fine flick, “The Trial of the Chicago 7” (trailer below).

Be not afraid. I don’t bite. Much.

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