Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 60: The 'Trump & Rush, Hubie, and Kamala Cash' Edition

The pandemic has changed a lot of the ways things have always been done, notably in the realm of politics, what with socially distanced press conferences and the possibility of a Zoom presidential debate. So candidates are shaking things up and innovating new ways to get their messages out. Trump, for example, spent two hours on the radio today with Rush Limbaugh talking about his platform, his accomplishments, and answering questions about things he never got to respond to in the first debate against Joe Biden. Like the man or not, it was a genius move to get in touch with the base.


And it was riveting listening. He covered everything from his bout with COVID and his amazement at the drug Regeneron (which will soon be made available, he said, to those suffering from COVID), to the state of the investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion investigation, which looks unlikely to conclude before the election but likely to have findings declassified and released from now until it’s finally complete.

It was nothing short of remarkable hearing the president talking to someone he considers a friend in the manner that friends talk: off the cuff, with a shared vernacular, and an interest in bringing others into their circle.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is threatening to invoke the 25th Amendment to determine the president’s “fitness” to lead the country less than a month before the election. But Trump and others are already speculating that the real motive behind her push to float the 25th Amendment trial balloon has more to do with what happens if Biden were to actually win the office with Kamala Harris as his Vice President — and presumably Nancy herself waiting in the wings.

And speaking of Kamala — who was pretty handily beaten in her own debate against Vice President Pence Wednesday — there are new-ish reports that part of what made her attractive as a running mate was that she brought a whole bunch of Hollywood cash to the campaign. So that explains why someone who fared so dismally in her own presidential run was attached to a ticket that needed a boost.


Hollywood, meanwhile, in addition to getting naked to get out the vote, is also working pretty hard to flip Texas blue according to news reports. The carpetbaggers.

There was a lot to unpack on today’s show and I gave it a shot. I also review Adam Sandler’s newest sugary sweet Halloween treat, “Hubie Halloween” (trailer below) and talk court packing and the economic realities of a progressive administration. You’ll probably find something to like. Queue it up.

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