Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 59: The 'Civility in Politics With Jesse Kelly & Other Stuff, Too' Edition


Ok, first things first — in the interest of time, I did not review a film or show this week. That’s a tough thing for me to say because that part of the show is, without question, my favorite part of the show. But I just couldn’t work it in this week. However, the movie I watched with the intention of reviewing was the absolutely lovely “Enola Holmes” (trailer below). Maybe I’ll tell you a bit more about it on next week’s show.


As for this week, I welcomed a special guest, my buddy Jesse Kelly, who — if you follow him on twitter you already know — fields a lot of criticism as his profile gets bigger and — who are we kidding — as he pokes ever bigger bears. He joined me this week to talk civility in politics because I noticed he was saying things I kept hearing a lot of conservatives I admire saying: that in order to win the political game, you have to play it like the contact sport it is.

Chalk it up to my emotional girl brain (Jesse certainly would, haha!) but I miss the veneer of civility we used to pretend was a part of our political process. We’ve chucked it, haven’t we? Join Jesse and I as we talk about the wisdom of that move and whether or not it was ever actually there to begin with.

Of course, I also talk about the White House COVID diagnosis (probably a good thing for a lot of reasons assuming no one gets seriously ill and all remain asymptomatic through quarantine and recovery) and why Seth Rogen, in his willful ignorance about politics, actually makes me feel a little better about Hollywood’s embrace of extreme leftism.


As promised, here’s the trailer for Enola Holmes, a movie that your tween daughter will absolutely love and you’ll be ok with the fact that she does.

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