Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 58: The 'Collusion Revisited, Ted Lasso Saves & Breonna Taylor Media Malfeasance' Edition

Conservatives — and those who simply favor justice over corruption — have been wondering for some time if there would be any consequence for the deception surrounding the Russia Collusion investigation into the Trump campaign, which we’ve all known for some time was paid for by the Hillary camp and was, from stem to stern, little more than a farce.


The recent questions over whether Trump, should he lose in November, will embrace a peaceful transfer of power make the waiting over Russia collusion even harder to withstand since that investigation, weaponizing federal agencies the way it did, was a textbook example of what not accepting election results looks like.

Well, recent news from the Durham investigation looks to a.) make what happened even more damning because it appears to confirm that collusion with Russia did exist in 2016 — just on the part of Democrats, not Republicans; and b.) set the stage for those elusive consequences to come. Kim Strassel of the WSJ lays it out in a detailed thread. Be sure to read it all:

The gist is that Christopher Steele used an actual Russian spy as his primary sub-source to create his dossier. What’s more, the FBI apparently knew that as early as December 2016.

The screw continues to turn. And as it does, the corruption gets harder and harder to ignore. So we continue to wait. But, as Strassel notes, there is a push to let voters know exactly what happened before the election. Will that comprehensive reveal include indictments? It seems like it would have to, right?


I talk about it on today’s show, as well as offer a review of the hilarious, smart, and sweet “Ted Lasso” (trailer below). There’s some stuff in there, too, about the Breonna Taylor case and how the media, perhaps more than in any other of the huge stories this summer, played a role in misinforming the public and denigrating the true tragedy of what happened. I think I may have avoided misspeaking this week, as well. So, little victories. Give it a go.

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