Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 57: The '1776/1619 Debate, Devil All The Time & Football Fumbles' Edition

Education, it seems to me, has become one of the most important issues Americans should be focused on as we look to the future security and safety — and prosperity — of our nation. There’s little doubt the young people who find themselves promoting Marxism — often violently — in the streets have been misinformed about that ideology and the doctrine of critical theory which springs from it like a divisive little troll.


The Trump administration has made moves lately indicating they also see real danger in continuing on the path of indoctrinating children in public schools on theories that segment people and apply stereotypes to, not only the challenges they have faced, but their ability to succeed in future endeavors. Trump’s 1776 Commission, intended to promote what the administration calls “patriotic” education, is proof of this new direction in education.

While it’s certainly worth debating whether the federal government should dictate curriculum — and if schools should take federal funding at all — the recognition that critical theory and its ideological children (the 1619 Project, notably) are doing more damage than good.

The answer, as it almost always is in education matters, is choice. Letting parents choose where their children are educated — and giving educators options like Bob Woodson’s 1776 Unites curriculum — is where we begin to heal.

I talk about all that on today’s show, as well as review the very grim (but strangely compelling), “The Devil All the Time” (trailer below), and offer more thoughts on the social justice fumbles of football (while welcoming back the Big 10). And thoughts on many other things, too. And a few corrections I only caught after the show went live: 1.) George Floyd died of asphyxiation. 2.) Jacob Blake is on Brees’ helmet. 3.) I am, in fact, still alive. I talk/think too fast for my own good sometimes. Mea culpa. Kick back and give it a listen.


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