Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 53: The 'Mandated Masks, Brave New World, and 15 Cent Movies' Edition

A friend of mine recently wrote on twitter something to the effect of, “Democrats have us all locked away in our homes wearing masks, while their children burn our cities, and they tell us the only way to make it end is to vote for them.” I don’t want to engage in hyperbole, but that’s just about as perfect an assessment of the state of things as any I’ve seen.


The virus has become a political weapon, one Democrats mean to use right up until votes are cast November 3. And they will try to keep you locked away in your homes, masked, living in fear of their children, and believing Donald Trump is the cause of the nation’s problems.

I know this because Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said just yesterday he thinks we should all be wearing masks every time we leave our homes for the next 3 month. And his choice for VP, California Senator Kamala Harris, blames the effects the virus has had — economic strife, unions keeping kids out of school, and even deaths — on Donald Trump. Not China. Trump.

The cynicism that must live inside a person to use a pandemic — one that originated in a nation whose ideology is known to be hostile to ours — as a way to continue to harm Americans and win an election is hard to fathom. But that’s what the Democrat ticket is doing. And it feels a bit hopeless. Which is, I think, actually the point, as per my friend’s final twitter point above. If people are convinced to feel hopeless, they’ll vote for anything they think may change that.


But, as I discuss today on the podcast, it’s all a lie.

I also review a pretty fancy and enjoyable new series, “Brave New World” (trailer below) and talk about how you might be able to take your whole family to see a movie in theaters again for less than a dollar (snacks are probably gonna cost you, though).

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