Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 51: The 'Pandemic Sociological Experiment, After Life, and Cultural Survival' Edition

How’s that for a headline, eh? Sounds like this week’s chat will be super nerdy and policy-heavy. But no worries, I just pulled out my big words for the column, it’s still just me breaking down the news of the day into easily digestible bites of context.


This week — primarily because it happened this morning and I was looking for a lead-off subject — I try to break down the jaw-dropping questioning of Dr. Anthony Fauci at a House subcommittee hearing in which the good Dr. (who has recently been suggesting people should start picking out goggles to go with their masks) got into a weird and uncomfortable tete-a-tete with Republican Congressman Jim Jordan. Jordon wanted Fauci’s opinion on if the government should encourage limits on the protesting that has been occurring since the death of George Floyd since Fauci has been vocal about his concern over other large gatherings and the spread of the coronavirus.

I do my best to believe Fauci when he insists he’s apolitical. But he made it hard today.


I also review the delightful “After Life” (trailer below), and use Victor Davis Hanson’s words to argue that, yes, our cultural elites are doing us few favors in their arrogance, but there’s reason for optimism.

You’re ready for it.

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