Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 46: The 'Kimmel Cancellation, Flynn Exoneration, and Mao Revolution' Edition


The situation facing talk show host Jimmy Kimmel presents an interesting dilemma for conservatives. Kimmel, who has made the latter days of his career one in which he pokes the MAGA bear and shills for wish list progressive Democrat agenda items, finds himself in a bit of a pickle of late as the cancel culture he tends to support when it comes for his political enemies has targeted him.


The allegations include his donning of blackface while satirizing basketball great Karl Malone, repeatedly dropping the n-word in a bit on rapper Snoop Dogg, and maybe, possibly being a bit too attentive to a 15-year-old Megan Fox.

So the cancel culture is after him a bit, complete with its own #cancelkimmel hashtag on social media. The man’s had to apologize and take some time off. The whole bit. And conservatives are generally defending him, recognizing that mistakes of the past shouldn’t destroy someone’s future. They’re even kinda, sorta shaming other conservatives (full disclosure: like me) who are sitting back and letting it play out without comment either way. Because conservatives, they rightly say, don’t engage in thought-policing, and we should abhor it not matter who it’s happening to.

And that’s right. But a question…

To what extent does the conservative world need to step in and save a Jimmy Kimmel from his own decisions he made as a full-grown man? I’m on board with acknowledging how stupid cancel culture is. And I’m on board with expressing disappointment that we’re still negotiating it and that it’s sad Kimmel is now the target.

But beyond that I just can’t find the passion to go all out and write screeds demanding the kids pull back from destroying Jimmy Kimmel. Because unless Kimmel faces up to his hypocrisy and learns not to slam the people who are naturally inclined to protect him when the mob comes, nothing good will have been achieved.


So good luck, Jimmy. I believe you’ll survive. When you’re ready to have a broader conversation about how the left (not the right) weaponizes social media and cancel culture and how that’s damaging and antithetical to the notion of freedom, let me and other conservatives know. Look forward to chatting about it on the other side.

I talk about all that on the show today. And I review an interesting little documentary that has some resonance today given current events called “The Revolutionary” (trailer below) that tells the story of the only American member of the Chinese Communist Party during Mao’s reign of famine and cultural revolution.

Also, did y’all hear about Strzok’s notes? If you didn’t, it’s because the mainstream media really, really doesn’t want to talk about it. Here’s why.

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