Marble Halls & Silver Screens with Sarah Lee Ep. 36: The 'MLB Will Heal Us & Revisiting Netflix's Community' Edition

In the interest of keeping chins up as that light at the end of the tunnel gets larger by the day, I’m only going to give you the good news in this space today. Sure, I could talk about Speaker Pelosi babbling her way through an incoherent explanation as to why on earth she’s trying to destroy small businesses. Or I could talk about the fact that there are progressives on Twitter who have decided that states in the midwest are becoming “confederacies” because the federal response to COVID-19 has been lacking (they’re not seceding from the union, guys. Just working together to get the economy cranking again). Or discuss how there are people who have already decided that if you’re ready to get back out there and get working again you’re a murderer (there are actually people saying such things). But I’ve decided I won’t give that any quarter today. Because there’s far too much good news, and I’d like to focus on that.


For example, MLB has proven themselves worthy of the name America’s Pastime by stepping up and donating blood in the interest of participating in a nationwide antibody test. That’s so incredibly cool. And it’s not just so they can get back to playing soon (but oh how I hope they will!). They’ve also done it so the entire country can get moving again because the results — which should be published this weekend in a paper to be peer reviewed — will tell us a great deal about the spread of the virus and whether or not immunity looks real after infection.

Great news!

And, as we know, President Trump has initiated a phased approach to opening the country that, he says, could begin right away for some states that haven’t seen the devastation of New York or New Jersey. Will the nation drop their masks as people begin to feel secure among their neighbors again? I’m thinking humanity — especially here in America — will take the lesson and get back to life as usual. What we do about China as a nation is still to be decided, however…

Finally, if you’ve never seen it, now’s the time to watch “Community” (trailer below) on Netflix. It’s nothing but laughs and light and good times and noodle salad (mixing my movie metaphors). And there might be a movie on the way!


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