Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 23: The 'Vince Vaughn, Meghan & Harry, and 1917 Non-Apology Tour' Edition

The Democratic Debate was last night and those candidates seem like sane, rational people in their measured tones and self-proclaimed ability to work across the aisle together to usher in progressive, centrally-planned federal policy.


But then you see what their supporters are saying online and you wonder — I would imagine the way people wonder about the worst of Trump supporters — what in the actual hell they could be appealing to and bringing out in people.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released a new video this week in which a Bernie Bro is filmed discussing burning down Milwaukee if Bernie Sanders fails to win the DNC nomination, beating police officers in the process, and ushering in a “re-education” program like Stalin’s gulags that — despite what you might have heard — really weren’t that bad.


And sure, he’s a low-level (though paid) field agent for Bernie’s Iowa campaign, so we can dismiss him to some degree. But when taken together with the whole budding fascist flavor of their cancel culture vibe — which they just tried to unleash on actor Vince Vaughn for the sin of merely speaking to President Trump, it starts to feel like maybe we don’t want people with that kind of quest for power picking the president.


And I get that this is exactly the criticism that side of the political aisle has for Trump and his supporters, but for all their accusations that Trump had a thing for Putin, they seem to be the ones ready to forgive the sins of Mother Russia. I mean, the gulags weren’t that bad because they had conjugal visits?

Come right the hell on, man.

I cover a bit of that on the show today, as well as the remarkable film, “1917” — get thee to a theater and see it. It’s majestic. — and my own little pet theory on what’s happening with Meghan and Harry (not a bad move for the Queen if you get right down to it).

Happy Hump Day! Almost there…

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