Roy Blunt: As Soon As Pelosi Turns Over Articles of Impeachment, Republicans Will Act Quickly

Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., head of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Activities (JCCIC), speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016, as construction continues on the Inaugural platform in preparation for the Inauguration and swearing-in ceremonies for President-elect Donald Trump. Trump will be sworn in a president on Jan. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks to reporters following a House Democratic caucus meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, July 10, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA) has done her level best to turn the impeachment inquiry and the subsequent vote on the articles of impeachment into a major news story, despite showing some signs early on she was not particularly supportive of her colleague Rep. Adam Schiff’s (CA) effort to be unseat President Donald Trump.

But the public seems bored at best by impeachment drama, framed as it is by the criminal investigation into the predicate of the Russia collusion probe and the almost-certain-to-be-true corruption of the Bidens as it relates to Ukraine.

So Pelosi has decided to squeeze whatever intrigue she can out of a dying star and hold on to the articles of impeachment until the Senate Republicans and the House Democrats can agree on what will constitute a fair trial (which is hilarious because waiting on the Democrats to agree to anything is an exercise in futility).

But, truthfully, stalling may be Madame Speaker’s best move because Republicans, in this case Missouri Rep. Roy Blunt, are indicating that as soon as they get those articles they mean to handle them expeditiously and move on from impeachment.

Blunt went on Missouri radio station KSSZ to discuss the Senate impeachment trial, saying he believes the Senate will “be done with this by the time the president comes” to address Congress for his State of the Union speech. The Missouri Senator also said he believes the trial will happen “quickly.”

“What’s happening on the impeachment front doesn’t seem too be complicated; it’s an issue I wish the country wasn’t dealing with. I said on a couple of the Sunday shows a week or two ago that for the first 180 years of the country’s history we’d only gone to presidential impeachment one time and here in the last 46 years or so, we’ve gone to this process three times in a way that is almost become dangerously routine,” Blunt said.

And, frankly, there are even better reasons for Nancy to hold on to those articles of impeachment:

Personal attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, said Tuesday that he is prepared to testify at the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump about the “American Ukrainian corruption.”

Speaking to reporters from the president’s Mar-a-Lago retreat in Florida, Giuliani said, “I would testify, I would do demonstrations, I’d give lectures, I’d give summations or I do what I do best. I try the case,” Fox News reported. “I’d love to try the case.”

The only question now remains what happens if Pelosi never sends them over? Will Cocaine Mitch have a vote to change the rules and render the House vote to impeach moot?

It doesn’t really matter at this point because the ace up the sleeve that was impeachment is on the table and there’s a pretty good chance Republicans have a better hand. The country’s just waiting for them to reveal their cards.