Trump All But Triple-Dog Dares Bidens to Testify in Impeachment Hearings

It will never happen, of course, thanks to House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) ability to reject subpoenas for testimony, but Donald Trump on Thursday all but issued a dare to Joe Biden and his sone, Hunter, to testify in the House impeachment inquiry.


While the Bidens — who the evidence would suggest (that evidence being the bragging of Joe Biden himself) actually may have engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine involving a corruption investigation — may never see the inside of Schiff’s basement chamber, they may be called before the Republican-controlled Senate to answer questions about Hunter’s time serving on the board of Burisma Holdings LLC.

Kennedy and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are said to be leading the charge to have the former VP and his son sit down before a Senate panel.

Senate Republicans are privately debating whether they should use an impeachment trial of President Trump to scrutinize former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter as some Trump allies push to call them as witnesses while others dismiss the suggestion as a risky political ploy.

If Republicans moved to call the Bidens during impeachment, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. probably would have the final word. Roberts would oversee a Senate trial and has the power to accept evidence, dismiss the case and direct the proceedings — although he could defer those decisions to senators for a vote or be overruled by them.


Paul first raised the idea publicly at a Trump rally Monday in Kentucky; but some Senators — like Texas Republican John Cornyn — are concerned continued calls for the Bidens to testify may turn the sober proceedings into more of a “reality show.”

Democrats, and their helpers in the media, are spinning the call to the Bidens as a “distraction” from the impeachment inquiry. The Hill characterized it as the president seeking to “deflect allegations of wrongdoing in Ukraine toward the Democratic presidential candidate.”

Interestingly, and I’m speaking only for myself and other conservatives in my personal circle, deflection is exactly what Schiff’s impeachment inquiry looks like it’s attempting to do as we await the release of the IG’s FISA report and U.S. Attorney John Durham’s report on the how the Russia collusion probe began.


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