Marble Halls & Silver Screens w/Sarah Lee Ep. 12: The 'Baseball Loses, Dolemite Wins, and the NCAA Ties' Edition

If anyone doubted the existence of “The Swamp” that the Trump administration has declared worthy of a drain, all they had to do was watch Game 5 of the 2019 World Series to see that it’s very real. And it’s very ticked off.


The game between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros was held in DC and, despite that news that very morning that Team Trump had successfully neutralized Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — that’s one of the founders of ISIS — the Nationals fans, when Trump who was in attendance, was announced let loose a chorus of boos like dragonflies buzzing in…well…a swamp.

It’s not unusual for politicians to be booed, of course. And it’s a fine display of free expression. But on Sunday it was also, and probably not to the benefit of the DC bureaucratic crowd in attendance, proof that what Trump says about the federal government might be very true: it’s very large, very overpaid (tickets to Game 5 were $500 and up), very out of touch with the America it serves, and very poorly behaved.

All of which is also fine, of course, if not exactly a pull on the heartstrings to see after the nation had one of its biggest wins in many years against the worldwide scourge of terrorism.

And it would be easy to chalk the boos up to the fact that the Nationals were never in command of that game and lost it. Losing crowds get surly.


But there was an “Impeach Trump” banner ready to be unfurled so the DC fan base was exhibiting exactly who they are, win or lose: disgruntled and uncharitable.

If Trump has his way, however, many of them are going to have to take some of their irritability back outside the blue DC bubble and live among regular Americans again.

Here’s hoping most of their anger was about losing the game Sunday and not about that last bit. Because if the latter is the reason for the snark and ingratitude, they may find the next 4 or 5 years (assuming Trump wins again) as uncomfortable as a full-sun bleacher seat in Comiskey Park.

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